Differences When Buying A Car From A Private Party Vs A Dealership

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Need a car? This article will walk you through the process of buying from a private party and buying from a dealership so that you may see the benefits that going to a dealership has to offer you.

The process of buying from a private party

Shopping - Your first step will be to find a private party with a car that interests you. Finding one can include searching through local newspaper classifieds or looking at posts online in local social media pages. If a car is a good deal, then you'll likely need to be one of the first to look at it if you are to have a chance of purchasing it.

Financing – When you buy from a private party, you will likely need to pay the entire cost of the car upfront. This means that you need to have the money already in your possession when you are shopping. You may be fortunate enough to have it in savings. If not, you will need to figure out how to obtain a good loan for the car.

Purchasing - You will need to make sure the title is filled out in accordance with the laws for the area it was purchased in. In some states, you must have the signatures notarized, but in other states, you do not. You want to make sure that you have the car looked at by a mechanic, which can be difficult to coordinate with a private party, and some may not agree to this.

The process of buying from a dealership

Shopping – When you decide to purchase from a dealership, you can look at their entire inventory, which will give you the chance to see a lot of cars at one time. This allows you to possibly find that perfect car with just one visit to the dealership, significantly increasing your chances of getting a car immediately.

Financing – When you purchase a car from a dealership, it is often possible for you to sit down with them and have them find you financing on the same visit. You can make monthly payments on your car, and this also increases your chances of being able to afford a nicer car than what you would ever have been able to get from a private party. You may also be able to trade in your current car to get a break on the price.

Purchasing – When you purchase the car, you will get some type of warranty, which can vary depending on the age of the car and make of the car. You will also know that it has been gone over by the dealership's mechanic if it is a used vehicle. The dealership will know exactly how and what paperwork to fill out, which makes the process easier.

Now that you have some idea as to how your car shopping experience would be when buying from a private party versus a dealership, you will likely see the benefits that come from going to the dealership.

To learn more, contact a car dealership.

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