Seek Immediate Collision Repair Services After A Fender Bender To Avoid These Serious Consequences

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Many drivers consider a fender a fender bender as a minor collision. Sometimes, both drivers agree not to make a police report about the incident and do not exchange information. This can be a costly mistake. Fender benders can cause major hidden damages that might cost thousands of dollars to repair. The rear area of some vehicles contains sensitive parts that can get damaged. However, the damages might not be evident until hours or days later. The following points highlight a few hidden damages that could occur.

Engine Issues

Some modern vehicles have delicate sensors. The impact of a fender bender can cause issues with the sensors, which are a key part of the electronic system in these vehicles. A telltale sign of a potential engine issue following the collision is that the check engine light will illuminate. The light coming on means that the computerized system is detecting or falsely detecting damage to the engine. This is an issue that should not be ignored because it may negatively impact the performance of the engine over time. A collision repair technician can perform diagnostic testing to determine if there are damages. If none are detected, they can reset the sensor(s) related to the engine.

Exhaust System Issues

The muffler on a vehicle that gets rear-ended may also get damaged. The average driver will likely not think to stoop down and look at their mufflers. Exhaust is an important part of safe vehicle operation. The pipes remove fumes and ensure that they do not permeate into the cabin of a vehicle. Improper exhaust is a serious safety issue. It can cause individuals riding in a vehicle to be sick.

Alignment Issues

Fender benders sometimes negatively affect the suspension system of vehicles. This might seem like a minor issue, but if the suspension is not repaired, it will be costly for the driver. The damages are likely to get worse if they are not repaired in a timely manner. The vehicle will not drive in a straight pattern, which makes it accident-prone. Another issue is that vehicles with damaged suspension systems tend to wear out tires sooner than estimated by the manufacturer.

A collision repair shop is a good resource to use after minor and major collisions. They can perform point-by-point inspections to find damages that are not obvious. Their testing and police reports could save drivers who were not at fault from the nightmare of having to pay for their own repair costs. If the damages end up being cosmetic and minor, drivers will have peace of mind that a professional inspection was performed. Repair shops such as Exoticar Paintworks Inc also replace bumpers and can paint damaged areas with matching paint.

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