3 Things To Think About When Buying Replacement Parts For Your Vehicle

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Every vehicle owner finds themselves in need of replacement parts at least occasionally. Here are some things to consider next time in your in the market for some replacement car parts:

New or Used?

You may be able to save yourself some money on car parts when buying them used. But not all parts should be bought used if longevity is important to you. For example, a used vehicle battery likely won't last nearly as long as a new one will, no matter its condition when you buy it. Any used parts you consider buying should be guaranteed to work, and you should be open to the idea that you might need to replace the part again sometime soon.

If you can't afford a new car part you need, buying used can get you by until you can afford the new stuff. The condition of a used part is important to consider if you choose to buy used. Some used parts have been professionally refurbished to work like new again, and others are sold as-is which might not offer as much longevity or as high-quality performance.

Additional Costs

You may have to pay a surcharge for some of the car parts you buy to ensure that they will get properly disposed of or recycled. When buying a new battery, alternator, water pump, you may be charged a small fee because they contain toxic compounds that could be dangerous if not properly handled when being disposed of.

The fee you pay is a commitment from you that you'll make sure the part is disposed of safely and properly when you're done using it. Many auto parts shops will allow you to exchange your old part in place of the surcharge when buying a new part to replace it. Just bring the old part in with you when buying the new one, and the surcharge might be dismissed.

Guarantees, Warranties, and Return Policies

You should also pay close attention to any guarantees, warranties, and return policies that are associate with the auto parts you are investing in. You need to know all the fine print, so you know what recourse you have if a malfunction happens or how to make a claim if you need to use the included warranty.

You should also be aware of any extended warranties that are available for the parts you're buying. Make sure you know what and what isn't covered before deciding to shell out some extra money for that extended warranty so you can be sure that your money is being well spent.

To learn more tips about car parts, reach out to a professional near you.

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