Warning Signs You Need To Get Your Car To A Shop For Transmission Repair

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Your transmission is a key part of your car and yet its maintenance and repair can sometimes be overlooked in favor of the engine or other parts of your car. Your transmission can degrade over time though, even with regular maintenance. After a certain point, it may be time for a repair or replacement. Here are some of the warning signs to watch out for that could indicate that you need to get your vehicle and its transmission to a local shop that handles auto repair in your area.

A Burning Smell

If you smell something burning in your car, you need to pull over and then get your vehicle towed to a repair shop as soon as possible. While the smell could be from any number of things, a common one is that the transmission is overheating or that you are running dangerously low on your transmission fluid.

A Clunking Sound When You Accelerate

Have you ever been out on the highway and tried to accelerate in the passing lane but then there was a pause and a loud clunk before the car actually began to move faster? This could mean your transmission's gears have some wear and tear and are now struggling to get the job done. As soon as this begins to happen, you really need to schedule a transmission repair as soon as possible. The next time you try to accelerate, you could end up with a gear completely breaking instead of just struggling and then you won't be going anywhere.

Fluid on the Ground

Any kind of oil or fluid on the ground beneath your car is never a good sign. But it's also important to know the difference between engine oil and transmission fluid. If the fluid has a more reddish hue than you've seen before, it's very likely that the leak is in your transmission. Get your car to a repair shop before the leak turns into a larger problem that causes damage to your entire transmission or the rest of your car.

Shaking Sounds

If your transmission is really on the fritz, you might notice the entire car beginning to vibrate every time you switch gears. You might even see the hood of the car visibly shake a bit as you move down the road. This is another sign that something is not right with the gears and needs to be addressed immediately.

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